Enough is enough: SEIRN urges President Obama to act now to end the deportation crisis


Atlanta, GA- During last night’s State of the Union speech, President Obama urged members of Congress, yet again, to “fix our broken immigration system.” For the past six years, our communities have listened to President Obama highlight the contributions of immigrants to this country and call on Congress to reform our immigration laws. But during President Obama’s terms, two million immigrants have been deported and thousands of families have been torn apart.  Enough is enough. [Continue reading]


2013 SEIRN Conference Report 

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The 2013 SEIRN Annual Conference was SEIRN’s 7th regional convening since we first got together in Atlanta in December 2006. This year, 110 people from 28 organizations and 13 states participated in our annual gathering in Little Rock, Arkansas from October 11-13.  As in past conferences, this year’s gathering combined a strategy session to identify our strengths and priorities as a region with practical capacity building sessions a keynote panel lifting up the incredible social justice organizing work happening here in the South, and an action for immigration reform and against detentions and deportations. Prior to the conference, we held our first ever LGBTQ-Immigrant gathering. You can learn more about who came to the conference and what happened in this report. Click here to read the 2013 SEIRN Conference Report.