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The Southeast Immigrant Rights Network’s (SEIRN) mission is to build just and inclusive communities throughout the South by supporting immigrant rights organizations, fostering regional collaboration and peer exchange, strengthening alliances with the progressive movement, and facilitating joint analysis and action on issues of common concern.


Becoming a SEIRN member is an important step in getting involved and increasing your ability to impact important immigrant rights issues in the Southeast.

Membership is open to non-profit organizations, coalitions and community-based groups that fall into one of the following categories:

Membership category


Immigrant focused statewide coalitions and Community Based Organizations.
  • Immigrant focused organization
  • Commitment to new immigrant leadership within own organizations

Grassroots immigrant organizations
  • Membership based—loosely defined
  • Immigrant led (defined as immigrants and their directly affected families)
  • Organizing focus or directly addresses grassroots needs of immigrant groups

Non-immigrant focused groups with immigrant focused programming
  • Some component of  program focused on immigrant rights (including advocacy, organizing, civic engagement, policy)


Ally organizations
  • Agree to general criteria
  • Does not meet the definition of the above categories


Regional organizations
  • Work across more than one Southern state
  • Providing support and capacity building to groups



Membership benefits:

  • Receive electronic and printed updates
  • Member only online resources
  • Technical assistance/capacity building support
  • Networking opportunities
  • Discounts on event/conference fees

General criteria for all members:

  • Agree to statement of principles
  • Work to promote principles and values
  • Active participation in SEIRN events/activities/programs


  •  Attend annual meeting
  • Pay dues or make comparable arrangement
  • Participate in campaigns and committees