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Standing Together Grounded in Our Dignity in the Trump Era


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 Procession in solidarity with Standing Rock at SEIRN Conference, Nov. 2016 (photo by Ponciano Ugalde)


On the eve of the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States, we would like to once again share this powerful message of immigrant community resilience and resistance created at our conference in November: 

“We are the Southeast Immigrant Rights Network sending a message to undocumented communities and other communities living in resistance. The struggle continues and we need you. You have power. You can break through fear and together we are power. The power is within us, not with politicians. We are here. We live here. We work here. We are here to fight. We dance here. We love here. We belong here. We remain here. We are here, cultivating resistance, harvesting dignity!“   

Listen to immigrant and refugees from the Southeast convey this powerful multilingual message in Mixteco, Hmong, Creole, Farsi, Otomí, Spanish and English and please share on social media.

We also have these words for Donald Trump: 

On the eve of your inauguration as President, we stand together more determined than ever to defend the rights, dignity and humanity of our communities. We reject the hateful rhetoric that dominated your campaign and that continues to be propagated by many of your most reactionary supporters. We will vigorously fight against any of your initiatives designed to criminalize immigrants and people of color, or strip them of their rights. 

We will hold you, your administration and other politicians accountable for inhumane deportation policies that divide our communities and separate our families. We will oppose your border wall and any policy designed to further militarize the U.S.-Mexico border. We will condemn any efforts to enact a ban of Muslim immigrants and refugees or a blanket ban of immigrants/refugees from specific countries. We will stand strong against your attempts to dismantle existing refugee and family visa programs. And we will resist your unjust policies and all attempts to harm and divide our communities.

While we fight your destructive and hateful agenda, we reaffirm our steadfast commitment to a shared struggle for justice and dignity for everyone. We will continue to build a movement that is led by those directly affected by unjust policies. We will continue to build stronger, more resilient organizations and communities. We will honor and celebrate our cultures and contributions. And justice and dignity will prevail.




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Black Mountain, NC -- As we grapple with the reality of the election of Donald Trump, the Southeast Immigrant Rights Network (SEIRN) today reaffirms our commitment to the communities that we serve and are a part of. We will not let Trump, any politician, or any person who works against our humanity, deter our fight for our collective liberation, dignity and respect. We say no to any and all agendas of hate.

Our true power rests in our long legacy of resistance and resilience as well as our vision and our tireless pursuit of dignity and justice for immigrants, undocumented people and all communities marginalized by hatred and oppression. More than ever, our struggles are inextricably linked and we will not stop until all of our communities are safe and free.

To our undocumented community, and every community that is the target of Donald Trump’s rhetoric, we love you and will work tirelessly to ensure hate and fear does not take over our lives. We will come together, we will build power rooted in our vision of dignity and liberation, we will support, hold, defend and protect one another, and we will continue to pave our path to justice.  

We look forward to seeing many of our members and allies in Black Mountain, NC this weekend for the 2016 SEIRN Conference as we pave our path towards liberation. 





Declaración en español

#BlackLivesMatter #LasVidasNegrasImportan

To our Black sisters, brothers, comrades, friends: we stand with you. 

We grieve for the families of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Jerry Williams, and the many other victims of police brutality. We know these deaths are not “incidents;” we know these deaths are the result of a White Supremacist system that has been built on the oppression of black bodies.

We stand in solidarity with the people and organizations on the frontlines defending black lives today and every day.

We call on SEIRN’s leadership, SEIRN members and partner organizations that are not part of black communities to continuously challenge anti-black racism in ourselves, our families, our communities, our organizations, and in our movements. As we seek justice and as we work towards true solutions, we must all reflect and look inward. We must all do our part to transform a system that so blatantly disregards and devalues black lives. We cannot become accustomed or desensitized to this loss of black lives, nor can we remain silent, for to do so is to be complicit with the system.

It is imperative that we confront anti-blackness in ourselves and in our communities, and that we talk with our children, families and friends about how our attitudes and behaviors help to uphold white supremacy. It is our duty to do everything within our power to challenge white supremacy and build a world where All Black Lives Matter, for only then will it be possible to build the world we envision and aspire to attain.

*Anti-Blackness: Anti-blackness is the degradation of black humanity, the utter indifference to black suffering, and the denial of black people’s right to exist. It is the dehumanization and constant physical danger that black people face- by Michael P. Jeffries


Take Action:

Sign this Petition by

Donate now to #AltonSterlingFamily Scholarship:

Read: 15 Things Your City Can Do Right Now To End Police Brutality:



DAPA/DACA decision: Deeply Disappointed, but Undeterred


For Immediate Release

Contact: Emilio Vicente, (919) 200-8239,


DAPA/DACA decision: Deeply Disappointed, but Undeterred


Raleigh, NC — Today the Supreme Court in a  4-4 tie decision voted against President Obama’s executive actions on Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA), and the expansion of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA+). The original Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program remains in place.


Nayely Perez-Huerta, Co-Director of the Southeast Immigrant Rights Network issued this statement in response:


“We’re deeply disappointed that the Supreme Court sided with states and opportunistic politicians who continue to dehumanize undocumented communities. These programs would have protected close to 5 million people from deportation. While this ruling is not what we wanted, we are not deterred and will continue to organize and mobilize our communities against the deportation machine because our lives and those of our loved ones depend on it. To our undocumented sisters and brothers we say, ‘Never give up. We will continue to fight alongside you and will not rest until every single one of our undocumented communities is safe and able to live without fear.’


The fact remains that President Obama still has the power to end deportations and alleviate the suffering of our communities. We call on President Obama to end all raids and deportations, especially those against Central American refugees, and to overhaul U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a rogue agency that continues to target and separate our communities. President Obama: you do not need the courts to validate your powers as president. Will you do the right thing?


We know that it took the sacrifice and organizing power of undocumented communities to force President Obama to announce the creation of DACA, DACA+ and DAPA. It will take ongoing, persistent and escalated organizing in order to see true change. More than ever, we must all come together and follow the leadership of those most impacted by an unfair and inhumane immigration system, to move forward. Our fight continues because no court ruling will ever deny us our dignity and our human rights.”




SEIRN's Statement on Islamophobia 

No to Islamophobia

The Southeast Immigrant Rights Network stands in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters and strongly condemns the incendiary anti-Muslim rhetoric that is unleashing an intensified wave of Islamophobia in this country.

We are deeply troubled by recent comments that propose restricting Muslims from entering the country on the basis of their religion, as well as the political discourse against admitting Syrian refugees.  History is replete with examples of the tragic consequences of political figures demonizing and scapegoating specific communities to build their political careers. Demonizing Muslims in order to gain political support is immoral and dangerous, because it incites distrust and fear amongst neighbors and communities, it fuels hate crimes and violence, and threatens us all.

As immigrants and immigrant allies in the Southeast, we stand in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters and denounce this dangerous xenophobic wave. We refuse to stand by and say or do nothing about this because we know from experience that our silence would make us complicit: an attack on one community is an attack on us all.  

We urge everyone to educate themselves and become allies to the Muslim community. We’re sharing a post by Sofia Ali-Khan, who encourages all of us to take action to actively stand in solidarity with the Muslim community. We can take actions, such as talking to our kids because “They're picking up on the anti-Muslim message. Make sure they know how you feel and talk to them about what they can do when they see bullying or hear hate speech at school,” and “Out yourself as someone who won’t stand for Islamophobia, or will stand with Muslims—there is an awful lot of hate filling the airways, and there are an awful lot of people with access to the media and/or authority stirring the pot about Muslims. Please help fill that space with support instead. Post, write, use your profile picture or blog to voice your support.”

SEIRN is firmly #standingwithMuslims, and we urge you to join us. #WeAreBetterThanThis.

Original post by Sofia Ali-Khan: