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Our principles for immigration reform

The Southeast Immigrant Rights Network stands together to support fair and just immigration reform. This means immigration policies grounded in respecting and upholding the rights, dignity and humanity of all immigrants and other members of our society. As a network of Southern grassroots groups, statewide coalitions, and social justice organizations, we have witnessed the devastating impact of decades of federal immigration policies and some of the harshest state anti-immigrant laws in the country. These policies and laws have torn families apart, caused thousands of deaths along the US-Mexico border, criminalized hundreds of thousands, and eroded the most fundamental human and civil rights that are supposed to be the foundation of this country.  Click here to continue reading our principles for immigration reform.


What's the status of the immigration reform bill?  (Video is only available in Spanish at the moment) 


Click here to print the PDF describing the process of a legislation in Congress.