Communications Support for Immigrant Rights Groups in the Southeast

The Southeast Communications Clearinghouse seeks to provide technical support to immigrant rights groups across the region.  The clearinghouse focuses on increasing the capacity of groups to place Op-Eds, Letters to the Editor, and become effective spokespersons on radio and on TV. 

Opportunity Agenda

The Opportunity Agenda launched in 2006 with the mission of building the national will to expand opportunity in America. Focused on moving hearts, minds, and policy over time, the organization works with social justice groups, leaders, and movements to advance solutions that expand opportunity for everyone.

The Opportunity Agenda can provide assistance with the following: 

  • Message Development & Guidance
  • Communications Planning & Strategy
  • Spokesperson skills
  • Media Relations
  • Writing for media: releases, op-ed's, blogs 


Chuy Sánchez

Communications Trainer

The Opportunity Agenda



Mainstream Media Project

The Mainstream Media Project (MMP) offers a wide variety of TA communication services to SE groups through support from the Four Freedoms Fund. These include:

  • Training for spokespeople in broadcast media interview techniques (on-site and by webinar/telephone)
  • Help with messaging and targeting audiences
  • Scheduling broadcast media interviews
  • Developing, producing and circulating Public Service  Announcements (PSAs)    

 The primary contacts for the Mainstream Media Project SE services are: 

Jimmy Durchslag, Executive Director;, 707-923-1177; cell: 707-496-4738 

Veronica Guzzardi, Program Coordinator,, 707-826-9111 x26; cell: 707-616-4708

Naihma Deady, Spanish Lanuguage Media Coordinator,, cell: 503-928-0933